By Savor Goods, Courtney Hong

Cooking with Philz Coffee and Jerry James Stone

Coming Soon: delicious recipes using our coffee by the ever clever and creative Jerry James Stone. Stay tuned for more information.

Bring the whole family. Check out the dog friendly cafes recommended by

Can you tell which is the real dog and which is made of cement?

Philz Coffee Succeeds Because It's In The ‘People Serving’ Business

CEO Jacob Jaber has made sure the personal touch is maintained through fast growth – 14 current locations – caffeinating artists, designers, engineers and everyday people. Bay Area Tech influencer, Hunter Walk, recently had the chance to ask Jacob a few questions about Philz growth and the role of technology.

What a surprise and an honor to find this on the web. Thanks for the love Lewla. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Addepar creative team pays homage to Philz on Middlefield

The colors were sparked by the bright mural and signage at the Middlefield location.

This morning, a regular customer paid for his coffee, pastry, AND a $20 gift card. When the transaction was complete, he leaned in and quietly requested that I use the gift card to pay for everyone’s coffee that was in line behind him. He walked away quickly and quietly, with a look contentment, a trace of excitement, and glowing good energy. He was “paying it forward” so to speak.
 As I rung up the coffees that the lovely guests of Philz had ordered behind him there was a mix of confusion, disbelief, and delight.
Thank you to the special anonymous customer that believes in bettering someone else’s day. We like your style.



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