Thanks Tiffany. You said it all.

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This past weekend, I took an unplanned trip into the city in search for some coffee (and, yes, I will drive +20 minutes for a cup of java). I was initially planning on driving to the original Philz Coffee location in the Mission, but as I was headed towards the Cesar Chavez/Portrero exit, I noticed the freeway exit was completely blocked. Bummed out, I decided that the next best place was Sightglass. I drove towards 7th and Folsom and was lucky to find nearby parking. I thought I scored big, considering how hard parking can be in the city. Unfortunately, the meter would not taking my coins. So, I got back into the car and started driving to find another spot. To my dismay, Mission from 7th and on has practically zero ways to make a left turn. I accepted my fate, and decided I’d drive all the way down…

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